Thornton and English in association with Forman’s present

Hash Tag Pop

 Artist's  Lusky, Micheal Forbes, Anudarani, and Thornton & English

18.7.2018 6.30pm - 9.30pm





IT’S A WRAP 21.3.18

Thornton and English in association with Forman’s present Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing by Charlie Evaristo- Boyce

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce is a 21st century pop artist who transforms the ordinary into the iconic. His prints celebrate the unassuming images found among the urban detritus of everyday life. Through mirroring and exaggerating these sources, he creates a hyper-real version of reality While much of his inspiration is drawn from pre-existing imagery found in commercial graphics, food packaging and advertising, Charlie also creates prints from details found within his own photography. These images are cut up, manipulated and printed on a large scale to accentuate the colour and detail, opening the viewer’s eyes to previously unseen aspects. Charlie has his own adhoc approach to printing, which ensures that each print is unique. In August 2017, during a residency at Printworks London, Charlie was challenged to create an immersive print based installation. Through workshops with community groups, a vast city was constructed entirely from screen-printed cardboard boxes. Here we are exhibiting a select few of these printed sculptures along side new canvases and editions.