Thornton & English

London East End pop artist Marty Thornton, has enjoyed international success, with work showing in Moscow, Hong Kong, Beverly Hills and Seoul, in addition to being patronised by some of the who’s who of glitterati, including Joanna Lumley, Barbara Hulanicki and Madonna to name just a few.Marty is currently collaborating with fellow East End Artist Jennifer English. Jennifer has worked in the Art's in industry, education and the public art sector. They first exhibited together at the Chelsea Art gallery.They shared a platform again at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, shortly after which, they became co-curators for the gallery.Currently sharing a studio in the heart of East London, Working both individually and collectively. Thornton and English first showcased their collaborative work for AKA art Mayfair. Their work is an  eclectic mix of the reimagining of images of nostalgia. Recycling iconography with a blend of street pop culture.